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Retouching / Restoration

Many times we want existing photos of ourselves to be improved. Maybe they don't capture us at what we think is our best, or we look great overall but we want our teeth a little whiter, or there's a blemish here, or a wrinkle there. Retouching can help with that. The goal is not a different you, but rather an image that more accurately captures the true essence of you.

Likewise, photo restoration is meant to artfully repair damaged or old photos so that they clearly, but also more truthfully reveal the subject.

I offer retouching and restoration of pre-scanned photographs.

BASIC RETOUCHING & RESTORATION: $20 per hour per pre-scanned (already digital) image.

Basic retouching crops, lightens teeth, smooths wrinkles, removes blemishes, fixes complexion and enhances or corrects overall color. Basic restoration repairs gentle tears and scratches, and smooths the overall image while revealing the subject(s) more clearly. 

ADVANCED RETOUCHING & RESTORATION: Quotes per consultation on specific case of image's needs and client's desires.

If image needs scanning, additional cost applies.

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